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Athens Marathon | Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our 2011 Athens Marathon race package includes a sailing excursion in the Greek islands on our 90 foot traditional wooden sailing schooner!



Before you run the historic Athens Marathon, relax and join us on a day-long sailing cruise in the Argo Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea.




Greece is the home of the original Marathon. For running events, you can't beat that provenance. It compels any runner -- athlete or casual -- to want to engage in an athletic event in Greece. Long distance running and physical competitions in general were celebrated events in the society of the city-states of Ancient Greece. It should not surprise you that the word "athletics" is derived from the Greek word "athlos" meaning "contest." The word "games" in Greek is "agonas," and indeed some games do cause agony!

Watch ancient runners video of a Greek goddess running with the philosopher Diogenes, plus a surprise celebrity b-ball star.

Runners and power walkers from all over the world come to Greece to trace the legendary route of the original Marathon first run by Phidippides in 490 BC. He ran from the fields of Marathon (which means "fennel") to Athens to announce the Athenians victory over the invading Persians. Had the Greeks not stopped the Persians from conquering the mainland, the glory of ancient Greece as the cradle of Western Civilization might never have come to pass. Read the full history here!

The 2011 Athens Classic Marathon provides an exceptional occasion for runners to actively honor the roots of a culture whose accomplishments continue to inspire greatness in each of us today. Wear that gold medal with pride!

Apart from the annual Marathon, you can also find an exciting array of other running events in Greece, including an Ultra-Marathon also initiated by Phidippides, triathlons and half marathons, and sporting events geared to athletes -- men, women and youth -- who enjoy a physical challenge in the very land where the Olympic Games were created and flourished for centuries.

Our team is skilled in travel logistics. Before or after your running event, we can help you choose a destination for an an active vacation. Planning your itinerary, selecting the right accommodations and arranging your transfers are tasks we regularly fulfill for clients. We are experienced tour operators with hands-on knowledge of Greece because we are based here and have a wealth of local contacts.


Map of Greece